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CRY IT OUT was performed October 4 - October 20, 2019 at Shadowland Stages, Ellenville, NY


“Cassandra Dupler's brash and unsophisticated Lina keeps us in stitches early in the show. Her working class street girl personality comes through with a joyful exuberance. Like her co-star, Ms. Dupler wows us in the quieter moments; when she comes face to face with her own personal limitations. Watching these two actresses get to know each other on stage is a breath of fresh air.”

"...cleverly witty and the chit chat between these two young moms is often hilarious..."

"...these actors take Ms. Smith-Metzler's words and turn their stories into something profound."

" important work of art."

--Bill Moloney

Sullivan County Democrat, 10/8/19


“Cassandra Dupler (Lina) has got “Lawn Guy-land Loud” down to a science—her bold, bubbly personality is larger than life and instantly endearing. Much of the show’s humor is carried on her able shoulders.”


“Dupler and (Carolyn) Holding have great chemistry and an amazing dynamic together as their friendship builds.”

--Lori Schneider

Aisle Seat Theatre Reviews, 10/8/19

Meet Me in the Greenroom.png

“Cassandra Dupler, as Lina, is a gem! She comfortably delivers her character’s full, unrestrained rage

up-close and personal, holding the stage effectively and efficiently.”


“Brendan Burke is the Director of Molly Smith Metzler’s ‘Cry It Out.’ Simply said, his selection of actors

for this high impact show is ‘right on.’ And for this drama, that’s a tall order.”

--J. A. Di Bello

Meet Me in the Greenroom, 10/4/19


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