CLUE ON STAGE was performed May 2 - May 20, 2017 at the Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA

Clue: On Stage is an athletic, uproarious 90-minute sprint.”

“The maniacal ensemble... (is) a well-honed team with impeccable timing...”


“Fast, furious, funny, with a great set and ensemble.”


“The new play Clue: On Stage, a zippy farce based on the

board game and the 1985 film, set a record Wednesday

at the Bucks County Playhouse for most tickets sold by one show in one day.”

--John Timpane

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/11/17

“...a delightful screwball lark, thanks to a sparkling cast, high production values, and oodles of comic energy.”

“...a dizzy, stimulating joy that makes it a whole lot of fun. It’s a game that’s definitely worth playing.”

--Tim Dunleavy

DC Metro Theater Arts, 5/10/17

"For Clue’s world premiere stage piece, (Jonathan)

Lynn’s script was adapted and updated by Eric Price

and (Hunter) Foster. As crafters of snappy one-liners,

cunning double entendres, and great comebacks to

great set-ups, Lynn, Price, and Foster did an admirable

job. (Carson) Elrod, (Sally) Struthers, and castmates Erin

Dilly, Cassandra Dupler, Claire Simba, and William Youmans make the most of the dialogue they are given, and that

dialogue crackles."

--Neal Zoren

U.S.1, 5/17/17

Clue kills the audience with laughter every night at

Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope.”

"The show is delightful.”

“It is a snappy, well-choreographed murderous romp,

that imaginatively draws you in as the bodies fly hither

and yon and pile up on the couch. This comedy-mystery

is filled with chase scenes and stylized performances
that one might expect from a melding of Agatha Christie

and the Marx Brothers. The dialogue is fast paced and

cornball. The performances are broad and hilarious.

This is a true ensemble and the…timing…is…everything.”

“This is an ensemble show and all of the cast is equally impressive.”

“Come to Mr. Boddy’s dinner party. It’s mystery, it’s

farce, it’s vaudeville. And the winner of the night is you,

if you are game enough to buy a ticket to see this very

original and cleverly funny Clue.  I’m dead serious.”

--John Dwyer

New Hope Free Press, 5/11/17

“Based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn, this new incarnation on the stage is smart, funny, and a visual

treat to behold.”

“Also present in the house are the beautiful maid,

Colette, the cook, Mrs. Solyanka (Cassandra Dupler),

and the inevitable butler, Wadsworth. They are as

colorful as their guests.”

“The principals travel from room to room, usually led by Wadsworth (Carson Elrod). What a talent he is! But then,

so are each and every member of this talented cast.”

“Go. Laugh. Enjoy the privilege of seeing the first round

of a new play that’s sure to become a staple in American theater.”

--Frank Burd

Digital First Media, 5/11/17



Cassandra Dupler

Carson Elrod, Erin Dilly, Cassandra Dupler, Brian Carter,

Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Bill Youmans, Kevin Carolan

(seated) Cassandra Dupler, Claire Simba, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Sally Struthers, Erin Dilly; (standing) Carson Elrod, Clifton Duncan,

Brian Carter and Kevin Carolan


(left to right) Claire Simba, Kevin Carolan, Lindsay Nicole Chambers,

Brian Carter, Carson Elrod, Sally Struthers, Bill Youmans,

Clifton Duncan, Erin Dilly, Cassandra Dupler


(seated) Brian Carter, Cassandra Dupler, Sally Struthers, Lindsay Nicole Chambers; (standing) Claire Simba, Kevin Carolan, Bill Youmans, Hunter Foster, Erin Dilly, Michael Holland, Carson Elrod, Clifton Duncan


Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers, Recorded May 9, 2017

Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers on

The Preston and Steve Show, WMMR

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Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers with Paul Perrello. The interview ran on 7 Philadelphia radio stations:  


Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers with Paul Perrello - Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers with Paul Perrello
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Cassandra Dupler and Sally Struthers